Saturday, September 18, 2010

Table of Weight.

Cooking in Brazil May 2010
As you can see in over two years I have only lost 24.6 pounds but in the last two weeks I have lost 7.6 pounds.

Date Weight
8/8/2008      381.0
12/17/2008      374.0
3/12/2009      374.0
4/24/2009      370.0
12/13/2009      369.8
1/1/2010      366.0
3/28/2010      364.6
9/2/2010      364.0
9/18/2010      356.4

Strict Diet End of Week 2

Weight 356.4

63.6 down 156.4 to go.

Have something to say about Weight Watchers. IT is crap. I had the will power to stay on the starvation diet but my blood sugar soared on the diet. Forty four points of the food on the diet would send my blood sugar over 250.

Have been on a Primal no Sugar diet for 10 days now and have lost 7.6 pounds. Blood sugar has returned to 110-130 range which is very good for me. I have no hunger or problems sticking to the diet. Many thanks to Chris Girgis for recommending the diet.

Have been having problems with my knee again so no treadmill and only light duty around the house.

30th Birthday 2004
I have fallen off the wagon many times in this long Journey from 420 down to 200.  Here is a picture at my 30th Birthday which was about seven years ago.  I may have been more than 420 then but at the time I had no scale on which to weigh.  Check out the Coca Cola on the table.  This is just not good.  This picture makes me so mad.  I cannot believe what I did to my self.
Christmas 2004