Sunday, March 27, 2016

Not Posted in Years

Posting for the first time in years.

Weighed in at 278.8

That is down 141.2 Pounds 84.8 to go.

Here is my daily vlog Episode 1 Season 1.

Monday, January 21, 2013

90.2 Pounds down 130 Pounds to Go

Hey two blog posts in one month.  That is neat.

I now weight in at 329.8.  Feels good to be under 330 for the first time since 1995.

So since I am blogging here I must have lost weight.  Yes the diet is going well and I am way below my target trend weight at this time.  Which means I am on track to hit my goal weight by 12/31/2013.

The hCG diet is still working and little to no hunger.  I miss eating the amount of food I used to but I am loving not having blood sugar issues.

So on the chart we can see I have lost 20 pounds in the first 20 days of this year.  This makes me very happy.  My goal for the first quarter was to lose 50 pounds.  so I have roughly 70 days to lose 30 more pounds.  This is going to be tough as I am only on the hCG diet for 20 more days, then I have three weeks off the diet to recover and rest my hormones before my next round.

My wife has also lost over 20 pounds in this period which is amazing since she is much lighter than me to start with.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Year 2013 - Goal of 153 Pounds in One Year - hCG Diet

Scales do not lie
1-1-13 to 1-11-13
85 down 139 to go.

Ok It has been along time since I posted. Sorry about that. I have been bouncing between 350 and 375 for the past two years. On December 26th my wife and I started a medically supervised hCG diet under the care of Mila Q. McManus, M.D. The Woodlands Wellness MD 

The scale readings to the left show my progress over the last 11 days.  So now 334.6 started at 349.   So 15 pounds in 11 days is better than I expected.


The hCG diet involves daily injections of hCG hormone along with a restricted 500 calorie a day diet.  To minimize the stress of only eating 500 calories a day our doctor has suggested supplements and weekly injections of B-12 and amino acids to help us feel our best. 

It has been great so far. Only eating 500 calories a day is not very hard while taking the daily injections for hCG. I have felt only minimal hunger but have completely eliminated my high blood sugar, water retention and nighttime frequent visits to the bathroom. It has been great.
The only small downside is an increase in Gout pain which I manage with a daily dose of Colchicine.

A new year update page would not be complete without a before picture to mark the starting point of this leg of the journey. 

Jan 1,2013     349 pounds

When you are only eating 500 calories the taste of the food is so important.  We have opted to use the Dinner Dude  hCG diet menu so we would not have to prepare our own food to avoid any over indulgences.  They have a weekly menu and I highly recommend their food.  My favorite is the Texas Chili 197 calories with the Beef Kbob a close second 207 calories.  The diet has almost no carbs or fat and all the meals are green veggies and very lean protein sources.


With this great jump start I have set a goal of 153 pounds during this year.  With that I will be at my all time goal weight of 196 pounds.   To make the goal more manageable I am breaking it into four smaller goals corresponding to the four quarters of the year.

So for the period January to March 31 I want to lose 50 pounds and for each following period I need to lose 34 pounds.  I am nine pounds better than the goal trend line right now and hope to keep it up to hit the first target 79 days away.

Please check out some of the resources below for more information.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Hate Gout

Weight 355.2

64.8 down 155.2 to go.

Every time I start to lose 10 pounds I get a gout attach which limits my movement and limits my diet to non protein foods.  I really am getting sick of this.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Back from Santiago Chile

Weight 353.2

66.8 down 153.2 to go.

I really am starting to hate travel.  Sleeping on airplanes and having limited menu choices are not good for loosing weight.  Am doing pretty well. I am down to 353.2 which is a new record.  Have been able to walk around 1.3 miles a day with the dogs and wife and it is going well.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Table of Weight.

Cooking in Brazil May 2010
As you can see in over two years I have only lost 24.6 pounds but in the last two weeks I have lost 7.6 pounds.

Date Weight
8/8/2008      381.0
12/17/2008      374.0
3/12/2009      374.0
4/24/2009      370.0
12/13/2009      369.8
1/1/2010      366.0
3/28/2010      364.6
9/2/2010      364.0
9/18/2010      356.4

Strict Diet End of Week 2

Weight 356.4

63.6 down 156.4 to go.

Have something to say about Weight Watchers. IT is crap. I had the will power to stay on the starvation diet but my blood sugar soared on the diet. Forty four points of the food on the diet would send my blood sugar over 250.

Have been on a Primal no Sugar diet for 10 days now and have lost 7.6 pounds. Blood sugar has returned to 110-130 range which is very good for me. I have no hunger or problems sticking to the diet. Many thanks to Chris Girgis for recommending the diet.

Have been having problems with my knee again so no treadmill and only light duty around the house.

30th Birthday 2004
I have fallen off the wagon many times in this long Journey from 420 down to 200.  Here is a picture at my 30th Birthday which was about seven years ago.  I may have been more than 420 then but at the time I had no scale on which to weigh.  Check out the Coca Cola on the table.  This is just not good.  This picture makes me so mad.  I cannot believe what I did to my self.
Christmas 2004