Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thank You

All the support has been great. It is even harder to say no to the treadmill now that everybody is watching. It is still not hard enough as I have no miles this week. Come on people get nasty on the comments I need to lose weight. Lets go

I have to fill in a hole in the back yard next week with a shovel. I am going to video that and put it up on youtube. Please go over and subscribe if you like.

Best Comments/Fat Call Outs from this week:

Anonymous said...

Holy crap you're fat. I bet that mass in front of you moves on its own. Does it smack you in the face when it moves up and down when you walk?

Answer no it bounces on my legs makes it hard to walk.

Anonymous said...
February 9, 2008 7:10 PM

Made me ROFL

Anonymous said...
Damn, fatty is that picture really you? It looks like you're pregnant and carrying twin eight year olds.
February 9, 2008 7:35 PM

Not funny but embarssing

Anonymous said...
You are so fat that the world wobbles when it revolves because of you.
February 10, 2008 8:12 AM

Could this explain global Warming?


Anonymous said...

Bro you look like you have your own gravitational pull.

Anonymous said...

I am not as big as you but still have type II diabeties. I think you look great but I can see that you are in trouble. find a mall that has "walkers". Here at the Mall of America, people walk around the mall at their own pace every morning. it might be hard at first but it will build up muscles to help you deal with your weight. hugs, John

Anonymous said...

That is really FAT
How did you become that mass??
Whenever you try to get off your fat ass and walk, the earth has earthquakes.


Anonymous said...

It's official, you're fat.

Out of curiosity, how the hell did you become that fat from a young age? You don't need to answer if you don't wish to.

I myself prefer to do the opposite, and gain weight, but I respect the opinions of what others think, so I think you are doing a good thing.

"If you do what you think is right, you can't go too wrong"

Good luck with the losing.

Clerick said...

Christ man. You're gonna need some surgery to get rid of all the excess skin when you loose the fat. Now go run around the block.

Anonymous said...
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A little Peek into my Life..... said...

Wow you really are fat.Thanks now I feel a whole lot better about myself.I just had a baby so I've been feeling 'fat' but not like that for the love of god.Anyway good luck on your weight loss man hope it goes well for you and make sure you have a doctor involved because you aren't trying to just take off a few 'vanity' pounds.That is some serious weight!

Anonymous said...

You look like my ex brother-in-law who died before age 50 of a heart attack

Anonymous said...

This is SERIOUS. You are too fat for your own good and there's NOTHING to be proud of. You could die from the stress being placed on your heart. You could end up in a wheelchair or a scooter if your legs suddenly decide the weight of your body is too much. Lose some weight!

Anonymous said...

Dude, you are fatter than my DAD, and he was just told last year that he's morbidly obese and can expect to kick it with a stroke or massive coronary sometime in the next year or two. (H e won't even live to see his grandchildren grow up.)

Lose the weight. Whatever it takes. And I agree that you need to have medical supervision while doing it. Otherwise, you won't be sick, you'll be DEAD.

Best of luck to you.

(A couple of potentially helpful tips:
1.) Start taking a good multivitamin while adjusting your diet - prenatals are about the strongest over-the-counter ones;
2.) Start taking a B12 supplement capsule - available inexpensively at health food stores and some drug stores;
3.) Drink lots of Decaf Green Tea - without the sugar;
5.) Plenty of sleep helps keep the hunger-producing hormones at a "normal" level;
6.) De-stress - Stress causes "fat encouraging" hormones to be produced;
8.) Check out the SparkPeople website - it helped me knock off my post-pregnancy weight, and it's 100% free. You'll need to Google it, as I'm not here to link spam.)

Anonymous said...

Do you seriously want the abuse that goes with being so fat? How did it get so bad? You don't tell us how much you weigh, so how much do you weigh, FATSO!???

I'd stop consuming Coca Cola, McDonalds, Domino's, sue them or get them to sponsor your gym membership.

Kate said...

When someone yells "Kool Aid!" You come crashing through the wall.

Serena said...

I'm a single gal and I usually date heavier/overweight guys, but there's no way I could date someone as big as you! Ick.

Tony Dungy said...

Holy crap, you are really fat! Good god, can you even see your feet? Seriously dude, lose some of that lard.

A little Peek into my Life..... said...

Damn dude, you are fat!! Obviously you've never heard of Subway.....

Anonymous said...

HI! Yes, you're very fat. I'm fat too, and I feel the same than you.I like people say me I'm fat because when I hear it I feel bad, and I think I should to do something.I hate be fat, and you too. Your belly is like a big bag of fat:S I would like to see you jumping because your belly must move so fast