Sunday, March 28, 2010

Trip to Brazil

Weight 364.6

55.4 down 164.6 to go

Spent the last 10 days in Sao Paulo Brazil. Even thought the food there is probably some of the best in the world I was able to resist. As I was battling gout I only had two steaks and one small fish fillet the entire trip. The rest of the time I limited my carb intake and ate small portions with mostly cheese, lettuce, heart of palm and some artichoke hearts. I has some bread a a few bits of fried polenta and a few small servings of Gnocchi with four cheeses.

Was unable to do much exercise due to the gout and the amount of work required.

This means that I am 1.4 pounds heavier than on November 10, 2009. I am back on the wagon and using my new Wii to burn the calories. I have Dance Dance Revolution 3, Wii Sports and Resort Sports and The Biggest Loser games. I hope to post some videos of me doing the games as they progress.


Layla said...

Hey :)
i just saw your video on YouTube and I gotta say you're inspiring me. I wanted to lose weight for a long time but I couldn't really work myself through it.

I think it is awesome that you have the guts to put everything you do on the internet and share it with the whole world. I bet there are thousand of other people who have the same problem but just can't deal with letting everybody know (including me, even though I'm not over weight). And you are an example for those!

Keep up the work and I really hope you can reach your goal!
Just remind yourself everyday that you can do it and that there are people who are supporting you.

Best wishes from Germany.
Layla. :)

CallMeFat said...

Thanks Layla

Been hard