Saturday, September 18, 2010

Table of Weight.

Cooking in Brazil May 2010
As you can see in over two years I have only lost 24.6 pounds but in the last two weeks I have lost 7.6 pounds.

Date Weight
8/8/2008      381.0
12/17/2008      374.0
3/12/2009      374.0
4/24/2009      370.0
12/13/2009      369.8
1/1/2010      366.0
3/28/2010      364.6
9/2/2010      364.0
9/18/2010      356.4


Anonymous said...

You are gross!!! You should be ashamed to carry all that blubber on you when there are still people in this world that die from hunger. You really are a disgusting lard arse, a whale!! Your body fat makes me feel sick. You are huge mate - time to motivate.
I too am a severely obese female - I am 5'1'' and 6 weeks ago I weighed 105kgs and thought about killing myself. I have since followed a 800 cal a day diet and have lost 28lbs. I too posted a picture on a website and so many hurtful but truthful comments have made me realise I need to spend a few years hungry both to lose my own blubber and because I feel I owe it spiritually to the world for spending 45 years of my life stuffing my face. I have made an oath to myself and my deity to lose it and become a normal weight, and to know hunger for a few years!!
So fat man - sort yourself out - your blubber is offensive like mine is. Stop making excuses!! I bet if you onlu eat 1000 calories a day for the next couple of years and exercise - you will lose that gross fat.
You are disgusting to look upon and you deserve to be hungry. So make more effort - you're weight loss so far is not very impressive.

Anonymous said...

you're fat!

you're welcome

Anonymous said...

get out of food service!! Immediately!!

Anonymous said...

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