Friday, August 8, 2008

19 Pounds down 181 to go

All the exercise is paying off . Went down to the gym today after lunch and weighed in. I am now a 381 pound dude. I am so happy and I wish to thank everybody who has commented on my videos and blog you guys are the best. I started well over 400 pounds so I am happy with the 19 lost forever.
This is my favorite one of my videos.

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Anonymous said...

i lost 100 pounds recently.

i know what it feels like to be fat. trust me. just eat healthy not matter what, dont eat late in the day, and exercise. youll get there man, i have faith in you. i know you can do it. im rootin for ya pal. i know how bad it can feel, but it gets better. just keep going.

take care buddy.